COLA-fornia Dreaming

About the Show

Hello, Listener, Welcome to the COLA-fornia Dreaming Podcast.

My name is Priscilla, and every week this podcast will highlight some of the many voices behind the UCSC wildcat strike and the UC Academic Student Workers’ campaign for a living wage.

Since December 2019, UCSC graduate students have been striking in pursuit of a cost of living adjustment, or COLA, to lift themselves out of rent burden and address, with urgency, issues of housing and food precarity.

Each episode in this series features snippets from longer oral history interviews between myself and my fellow wildcat strikers and student workers as we discuss issues ranging from their relationship to high education to the context behind their decision to join the collective fight for a cost of living adjustment.

As of 2022, this podcast is on hiatus until I can conduct further oral history interviews in 2023. But, the fight continues as UCSC ASEs work towards a more equitable and secure future, so catch up on the current episodes in the meantime. For more information on the current campaign at UCSC, check out our website at and check us out on Twitter and Instagram at @payusmoreucsc.

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