Tucson Speaks!: Finding Place, Finding Home

About the Project

This oral history project captures the life histories of older Chinese individuals living in Tucson. These interviews not only chronicle the multi-generational experiences from the deep-rooted Chinese families of Tucson, but it also provides a more expansive history of local neighborhoods and the greater U.S.-Mexico borderlands region. The Tucson area’s experiences with the Chinese exclusion era, Pershing’s expeditionary force, the Mexican Revolution, the passing of the National Origins Act, anti-Chinese campaigns in Northern Mexico, and World War II underscore the Chinese community’s social integration rather than isolation through extensive kith and kin networks. This oral history project allows the community and the families of identified narrators to preserve their own histories while highlighting broader, albeit complex, issues of race, class, gender, and belonging in the development of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

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